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Sex work is work.

Updated: Mar 9

Often dubbed the oldest profession, sex work is a broad church of roles that can be done by almost anyone of any gender, appearance, race, class, sexuality or age.

Advances in technology mean that work in the sex industry has blossomed, with 5% of all internet usage now believed to be cam sites. Perversely, with this amount of sexual labour being performed, there is very little support for those working in the sex industry.

They can be legally discriminated against, have problems with child support/care, be ostracised from their families or communities, be denied access to services... the list goes on. There is little work being done from the charity sector to support the well-being of those who work in the industry and well-meaning people can be looking to 'rescue' women rather than meet them where they are. I am looking to bridge that gap and provide support and coaching to those working in any job in the adult industry, but I'm particularly keen to work with current sex workers in the UK. I can provide assistance in getting out of ruts you've been stuck in, setting goals and really living your best life in or out of the industry. I currently have a limited amount of free coaching sessions available to current UK sex workers but they are limited so do take advantage now! I am knowledgable, non-judgemental and genuinely invested in the well-being, happiness and prosperity of sex workers. Email me to see what I can do for you.

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