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Having worked professionally in the fields of sexuality and gender for over a decade, I now offer shame-free and knowledgeable life coaching for those stuck in ruts or seeking goals all over the UK. In addition to my diploma in life coaching, I hold a bachelors degree in Gender Studies and a Masters degree in Sexual Dissidence as well as a wealth of training and experience in most aspects of sexuality and gender identity/transition. Maybe you work in the sex industry and need career coaching or need a guide to assist you through managing difficult aspects of sexuality in your personal life. Maybe you are embarking on a gender transition and are unsure of the road ahead. Whatever the barriers, I am here to help you navigate a way forward. I am very experienced with working with children and young people as well as vulnerable adults with sexuality/gender topics - I am fully DBS checked. Get in touch to find out how we could work together.


Effective Coaching Services

Non-Judgmental, practical coaching for brighter futures.


Career Coaching Session

If you work in the sex industry and are looking to make changes to your professional life, I work frequently with sex workers to help with issues such as work/life balance, happier work environments and shaping your job to match your dreams. Sex work is work and few conventional career coaches have the skills to assist sex workers or those working in erotic/sexual industries. A FEW FREE OF CHARGE SPACES LEFT FOR CURRENT UK SEX WORKERS! EMAIL TO ENQUIRE.

Sexuality Coaching Session

Sexuality is a very broad church and it has been a life's work to learn about all aspects and how to enhance your sexual life. From LGBTQ+ identities through to kink/fetish, polyamory, difficult orientation/fantasies, building community, coming out and more - nothing is off the table and I work in friendly and shame-free ways to assist you on your sexual journey.

Gender Coaching Session

I have years of experience working with gender diverse individuals, coaching them to fuller, more authentic versions of themselves. Sex and gender are far from binary and can change over time, so having a helping hand on that journey is what I pride myself on providing. Working with transgender and non-binary individuals as part of their transition journey is a privilege and a gift.


'Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.'

Alice Walker


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